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Joseline Hernandez Gets Booed In Dallas..Steive J Saves the Day (Video)

Joseline Hernandez was Booed in Dallas after performing an original song that disagreed with the audience. After hearing the displeasure from the audience, she then told the DJ to bring it back and replay the track. After the third attempt, Stevie J saved the day by grabbing the mic playing music the people can feel.

Joseline Hernandez needs to study hip hop to fully understand what is expected of her when she grabs the mic. Not just anybody can perform in front of a crowd, grab a microphone, and satisfy the the audience. The first lesson she needs to learn is MC stands for Master of Ceremony. In the words of Eric B and Rakim, MC stands for Move the Crowd.

The audience was excited to see her in person which plays in her favor. In order to continue, you need a club banging track, and lyrics that ride the track like a jockey riding a horse at the Kentucky Derby.

Joseline has stage presence, a mentor in Stevie, and a fan base. However, the content she puts out is an embarrassment to herself and the hip hop community. Nobody is hating if they boo you, after showing so much love at first....

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