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Woman Calls Police On A Drone Peeping In Her Window

SEATTLE (KIRO/CNN) - A woman says a drone is the Peeping Tom of 2014.
Candace Hackett called police to report a drone was spying on her in her apartment near Stewart Street and Perry Avenue. She said when she looked down, she saw its operator pack up camera equipment into a car and take off.
"'Well, that's interesting. Big Brother much?' is kind of my gut instinct," Hackett said.
People who live here admit they're slightly creeped out.
"It's a little odd," Sameer Gopalani said. "I wonder why it would be flying around and to what purpose."
"The good person in me wants to believe it wasn't someone trying to watch me or another person in the building, but who knows?" Hackett said.
Legally, it doesn't matter. The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday reaffirmed rules for unmanned model aircraft. They only address air traffic safety, not privacy.

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