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The Good and Bad of the Internet

I feel the internet is the greatest and worst invention of our lifetime.  On one hand it provides us a means of quickly transferring great ideas and information; on the other hand it equally provides a means to quickly transfer hate, misinformation and flat out stupidity.  In the most recent days I have logged on to social networking sites and saw missing children found, business connections made, party promotions and other announcements such as weddings and child births.   As I continued to scroll I saw fights, RHOA updates, Love and Hip-Hop reviews and more ratchet pictures than I care to count.   In a nut shell, this is the best and worst of the internet.  The sad part is that it is getting worse by the day.

I can only imagine what my daughter is going to face growing up.  In this day and age where everybody wants to be a star, it seems people are willing to do any and everything to be one.  The internet provides a medium for those people to seek their “15 minutes of fame” and an audience that seems willing to give it to them.  Positivity on the internet can spread given the right circumstances, but foolishness catches on like wildfire.  For example, I just searched “Help Find A Cure for Children’s Cancer” and the videos showed 150 – 907 views.  I then searched “Kids Fights” and the first 4 videos that popped up have 35,523, 762,331, 12,685, and 470,215 views respectively.  There is plenty of blame to go around but the main question is, how can shake our heads at the way people act if we continue to give them an audience and motivation to act that way?  

I’m not sure what this blog is supposed to accomplish, I’m sure it won’t change much of anything because people seem to love ignorance.  They love to read how Sandy Hook Elementary was staged by the government, or President Obama works for Al Queda, or Jay-Z and Beyonce are part of the Illuminati.  They love to watch women degrade themselves by fighting over some guy, school bully fights, random acts of violence in a parking lot, or any other irrational act of buffoonery that pops up on the internet.  That is the world we live in.  That is the world we are promoting.  I see all of the time people posting that we need to do better.  I’m down. When do we start?


  1. Only u can be responsible for educating you and yours. That's how it starts....
    Your bestie

  2. it starts with home, but it also takes a village to raise a child....nowadays, the village has been destroyed and internet has taken its place