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Mike Epps Investigated For The Hospitalization of his Victim

Comedian Mike Epps is reportedly under investigation for an alleged altercation with fellow comedian Lavar Walker in Atlanta.

Walker told cops that prior to the alleged assault, someone told him Epps was waiting outside the club and wanted to speak to him. Epps was upset about a video parody produced by Walker on instagram.

 In his parody Walker performed an impression of Epps with white powder on his nose. The video can be seen below.

When Walker exited the club to meet with Epps, Walker was attacked by two of Epps enforcers.

Police records indicate that Walker tried to summon police. Epps stated "Are you going to call the police now? Don't make it any more videos about me anymore, you punk ass bitch." 

Epps was then sped away in a red Ferrari and his henchmen left in a Yukon. Walker suffered a neck injury, bruises, and lacerations, and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Mike Epps is a reformed Drug Dealer with underworld connection to the streets of  Indianapolis. On countless interviews Epps stated he distributed cocaine before turning his life around and moving to Hollywood.

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