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Former Foster Child Graduates from UCLA With Acceptance Letters to Medical Schools

A former foster child overcame adversity growing and is now receiving multiple acceptance letters to medical universities.

Festus Ohan has spoken about the day his father abandon him as a kid, he stated "I went to bed in tears, praying, asking God, 'Why did this happen to me?"

Like any troubled child, Ohan started fights in schools and once almost got expelled after one incident. No one ever supported his dreams of being a doctor. Instead, his foster parents recited statistics that showed unlikelihood of Ohan graduating from college.

Ohan proved them wrong by graduating from UCLA with a neuroscience degree. He has received acceptance letters from schools such as Northwestern, Columbia University, University of Houston and Cornell University.

Ohan has a mission to motivate the youth that are growing up in a similar situation to his upbringing. His message to kids is this, "Never give up, really hold on to your dreams, because as long as you're able to stick through it and persevere, you will accomplish goals."

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