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A Son In Detroit Shoots Mother and Kills Her Fiance

Nicolina Pace says her fiance, Johnny Clyburn, first tried to help her son get into the military. Then he tried to get her son into school but they couldn't get him motivated. Then, her son was told he couldn't stay at their home any longer.

What happened next has left Pace devastated, and what she has to say may be a little shocking.

Pace feels as though she's lost everything. Her world fell apart last week when she says her 19-year-old son, Antonio Hicks, shot her and killed her fiance, Johnny Clyburn, a man she loved and adored.

"I just wanted everyone to know what a good man Johnny Clyburn was and how he did not deserve what happened to him," she says. 

Clyburn, an Air Force sergeant with 20 years in the military, was trying to help Pace's troubled son.

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