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12 year old girls stabbed friend 19 times

Two 12 year old girls planned a vicious attack on another preteen while playing hide-go-seek in a nearby wooded area in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Charged as adults, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier face 65 years in prison after admitting to police they attempted to kill their in order to join a Satanic cult.

The suspects left the victim to crawl from the woods with 19 stab wounds covered in blood. A bicyclist found the wouded girl barely alive and screaming for help. She is now in stable condition at a hospital in Waukesha.

According to the criminal complaint, the suspects had been planning to kill their friend for several months. They first plan to kill the victim by stabbing her in the neck while she slept. Another plan was to kill her in a park bathroom because it had a drain for the victim's blood to flow into.

Some of the girls major organ were struck but she survived. One of the stab wounds came within a millimeter from her heart.

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