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My friend just found out one of her church members was placed in Hospice, which is for people who are terminally ill. The doctors gave her church member only 12-36 hours to live.  They expected his heart to just stop somewhere in that time frame.  So last night he told his family goodbye and closed his eyes.  He awoke this morning surprised to be alive.   According to the doctor’s estimation, he only has about 12 hours left.
This had to be heart wrenching for the family and even more so for him.  It is one thing to pass suddenly, car accident, gunshot, or something like that, but getting the news that you only have a few hours left on Earth and having to wait has to be the worst feeling ever.  Each time he closes his eyes to blink, could be the last time.  How many times can you tell your loved ones good bye? 
His circumstance got me thinking about life.  

So a word to whoever needed this message today; don't sweat the small stuff.  There may be things going wrong in your life whether it be financial, relationships, career, etc., don't sweat it.  Do the best you can do with what you have at this moment because this moment may be all we have left.  The doctor hasn't given us a diagnosis that we only have 12 hours to live, but the reality is you don't know if the last time you close your eyes to blink is your last time either.  
If you have some apologies to make, go ahead and make them.  I know people that have fallen out over $20; let it go.  If you haven't been the best parent, or sibling, or friend, or whatever, start trying today. Whether you realize it or not, your life is more than just about you.  If this is your last moment and you pass, other people WILL miss you.  Other people WILL be affected by your absence.  Other people WILL be left to hold the pain that you no longer have to feel.  I repeat, YOUR life isn't just about YOU.  
So tell the people you love that you love them today.  Give someone a hug today just because you love them.  Start trying to fulfill the promises you have made to others.  If you have a business idea, or a book you were going to write, or a project around the house you were going to do, start it.  Don't put it off until tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  The only thing that is guaranteed is that YOU MATTER!!!  

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