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Student Knocks Teacher Out: Nimitz High School Student Caught On Video

Shocking cell phone video of a student shoving a teacher to the ground that was posted to Instagram is all the talk at Nimitz High School in North Harris County. "I'd be scared, he's big, he's a big big boy," one student told Fox 26.

That "big boy," identified as a 16-year-old student, just had his cell phone confiscated Thursday afternoon by the 66-year-old female substitute science teacher. After a couple of shoves with his shoulder, he violently pushes the veteran, retired teacher to the ground and takes back his phone. "I'm surprised he did it cuz he's really quiet, he didn't talk to nobody," said a student.

The teen was arrested within minutes by an on-campus Aldine ISD police officer and charged with "injury to an elderly person," according to district spokesperson Jason Spencer. "A crime has been committed," he said.

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