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Mayweather Will Profit 50 million in tonight's fight

Mayweather will make $50 million for the fight, Maidana is guaranteed somewhere around $3 million,despite the "official payout" being listed at $1.5 mill, Showtime stands to make their money, as do the promoters. So the idea that anyone walks away over a last minute glove dispute would seem ridiculous.
The analysis for this Mayweather fight can be summed up in the same way as pretty much all Mayweather fights. Floyd is the heavy favorite. He's the heavy favorite because he's the better fighter. In fact, he's the best fighter on the planet.

Maidana certainly hits hard enough to make it happen. He caught Adrien Broner who was sold as a "baby Mayweather," dropping him several times to earn that decision. He hits hard enough that the "puncher's chance" has a chance to make history.
 The doubt that Maidana can catch Mayweather runs deep. Mayweather very rarely gets caught, and Maidana isn't exactly creative in his offense.
There are other factors that one can look at if you're truly looking for reasons to think "hey, maybe this time will be different!"

The prediction
Maidana has to cut off the ring, get inside and land clean, hurting Floyd. A knockout is the only chance at victory, he simply can not win a decision here.
I'll say Maidana makes it to the 15th round, Mayweather by wide unanimous decision.

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