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Hero Delivers Baby From Dying Mother After Horrific Car Crash

The San Jose Mercury News reports Iria Wolnick drove up to a "catastrophic" car crash last year and found a pregnant mother who was dying from her injuries. Wolnick sprung into action and delivered the child at the crash location.

"This is the first time I've ever done this," Texas DPS Lt. Jeremy Rowlands said regarding the travel. ""For this kind of act we recognize citizens no matter where they're from. This was extremely heroic, and without her actions that day we would have loss two lives instead of one.

According to the report, the woman's SUV had rolled over and was on fire when Iria arrived on the scene. The pregnant woman, her husband and 2 year old daughter were thrown from the car. The mom suffered a laceration on her stomach which exposed her unborn baby's hand.

Without hesitation, Iria delivered baby Emma Lyn. The mother died at the hospital, but the dad and sister survived the horrific car crash.

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