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Ghanaian student accepted to 24 universities chooses Columbia University.

Ghanaian student Akosua Beoke has made headlines for not only being accepted to 24 universities but for also choosing Columbia University.
Her father decided to leave his good-paying job seven years ago in Ghana in order to give his children the best academic opportunities he could find in the United States.
Akosua says that while she found the schoolwork to be easy in the States, what she found to be challenging were American attitudes toward Africans, 
"One of the things that hit me was that Americans have really low perceptions of Africans, and I came from a middle-class African background so I was really shocked that they thought I lived in the jungle or something."
While Akosua's father did what he thought was best for his family, do you think it is necessary for Africans to move abroad in order to secure the best opportunities?
Congratulations, Akosua!!!

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