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Frederick Mckinley Jones Revolutinzed Tranportation Industry With Prolific Invention

Frederick McKinley Jones revolutionized the tranportation industry with one of his most prolific inventions. He is best known for inventing the first automatic refrigeration system for semi-trucks.  Jones was born on May 17, 1983 in Cincinnati Ohio.

In 1940, he formed a partnership with a company called the US Thermo Control Company. He was in charged of developing a device that would carry perishable items without spoiling during transit. The device was called the Thermo King and was later modified for trains, boats, and ships.

In 1949, US Thermo became a multimillion dollar company.

The refrigerated truck, which is commonly called a reefer unit, is important to everyone who enjoys buying fresh produce from the grocery store.

During World War II, the need for storing blood serum for transfusions and medicines was in great demand. Jones developed an air-condition unit for military field hospitals and a refrigerator for military field kitchens. As a result, many lives were saved and his device is still used today.

When he died on February 21, 1961, Jones had more than 60 patents. Jones was the first black inventor awarded the National Medal of Technology in 1991 by President George Bush Sr.

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