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$20 Is the New $5

Yesterday I went to the gas station before work and asked to get $5 on pump 3. (hey it is two days before pay day-gotta do what I gotta do right?!?!)  This got me to thinking about my first car, a red 1990 Toyota Celica. $5 would last me a week and I would be ALL over town on that $5. I was happy to give people rides; in fact I INSISTED on driving most of the time. 

Now...$5 got me to work and the gas light came back on. There is no more driving all over town. In fact if my GPS doesn't locate where I need to go I more than likely don't attempt to go.  And to get a ride with me if you don't have a major credit card or cash up front, I'm not really happy to drive you. (I don't care how many time Pharrel's song comes on while we are driving, I'm not going to be happy)  Deciding who drives has turned rock, paper, scissors into something that looks like the NBA Finals. The winner celebrates and runs over to the passenger seat while the loser has that slow walk to the driver side.  Jay-Z said 30's the new 20 when it comes to age, so I guess with money $20 is the new $5. SMH

I know I'm going to sound like my parents I miss the "good ole' days"!!!

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