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Is this the worst wheel of fortune contestant ever?

They're calling this kid the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant to ever grace the stage in the history of the game show. Julian Batt is an honors student at Indiana University and says he always wanted to be on the show.

Batt was able to correctly guess all of the letters in the first puzzle presented to him. With a 1 million dollars on the line he lost  he lost because he didn’t pronounce the answer correctly. Never before seen on the show in over 30 years. 

In a second puzzle, Batt could’ve won a brand new car — but the letter that he guessed was incorrect.
A third time, Batt guessed “on-the-spot dicespin,” rather than “on-the-spot decision” — again losing the puzzle.  
It is unknown what Batt plans to do after college, but I'm sure he'll better at life than he is at Wheel of Fortune.

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