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Teacher order an "Hit" on a Junior High Student in Florida

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A school board in St. Lucie County officially fired Dru Dehart  Thursday evening. The  incident in March of 2013 when 7th grader, Radravious Williams was attacked by several students at Northport K-8 school. Dehart decided to prove a point to Radravious by using kids Radravious thought were his friends to fight him.

Dehart is accused of encouraging six students to fight with Williams after the boy allegedly threatened her. The male students, ranging from ages 11 to 15, were arrested for “hitting” and “kicking” Williams.

Radravious claims that after he told his teacher that he “wished he could curse out teachers someday,” Dehart encouraged the attack, even telling the group to “teach him a lesson.” Other students verified Radravious did not threaten physcial harm to Dehart. 

“They picked him up, carried him, holding him by the neck, took him down to her classroom and forcibly made him apologize to her,” Latasha Darrisaw, Williams’ mother, told the station after the attack. “And [Dehart's] remarks to him were, ‘I’ve got my eighth-grade boys on you; you’re not so tough now.
Radravious transfered schools and the family plans on filing a federal civil rights lawsuit.

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