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Ft. Hood Shooting: Soldier Kills 3 and Fatally Shoots Himself

Spc. Ivan Lopez, opened fire at the Fort Hood military post in KilleenTexas. Spc. Ivan Lopez killed three people, wounded 16 -- before fatally shooting himself.
Spc. Ivan Lopez, married with children, moved to the post in Killeen TX this past February. He was a veteran who served four months in Iraq and suffered from mental health issues.
Officials are not ruling out a possible terrorist act, atleast not until the investigation is over.
Lopez used a .45 caliber Smith and Wesson semiautomatic pistol that he recently purchased in the area. Currently there is the motive for the shootings are unknown.
Prayers are requested for the victims' friends and family. Also pray for Spc Ivan Lopez's wife and children. His wife recently relocated from Mexico and barely speaks english. 

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