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The Return of Jazmine Sullivan: Performs Live in London

Jazmine Sullivan has signaled the news of a forthcoming project, which she announced onstage during a recent show in London. She performed at the Camden Town’s KOKO Theater.

Sullivan, a 26 year-old phenom did live performances of “Lions, Tigers & Bears” and “Bust Your Windows.” Sullivan also delivers a funked up performance of Daft Punk‘s “Get Lucky”, which affords her killer background vocalists some well-deserved air time.

Jasmin took time off her busy schedule to relax, soul search and focus on her talent as a vocalist. Upon her return from the shadows, Jazmine Sullivan reportedly announced onstage that she is working on a project and plans to release a new single soon.

Her fans have waited long enough, and her return is much appreciated by the masses. Watch the live footage of Jazmine Sullivan on stage in London.

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