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New York City Cops and Firemen Brawl at Charity Hockey Game

A hockey brawl broke out during an annual charity game between the NYPD and FDNY on Sunday at the Nassau Coliseum. 

Proceeds from the game went to various causes, including the "New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund."

The brawl happened in the second period as referees tried to get a one on one fight under control.  

Within minutes, tempers flared and benches cleared which turned into a party of fist being thrown with no remorse. 
Dozens of firefighters and police officers relentlessly punched and wrestled each other to the ground. 

The game was delayed for 25-minutes as gloves, sticks and trash were picked up off the ice. Firefighter fans cheered on with chants "Dunkin Donuts."

The refs had no choice, several players were penalized and ejected.

Fans at the event said they have never seen a bench-clearing, cop v.s. firefighter brawl before. Especially at a charity event.

The FDNY has beaten the NYPD at the annual event five years in a row. But on this day, 'New York's Finest' finally snapped their losing streak and won the game 8-5.

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