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The Flying Car Set To Release in 2015

Carl Dietrich, the chief executive and co-founder of aerospace company Terrafugia. He is the creator of flying set to be placed on the market in 2015.

Dietrich says the TF-X could increase the level of so-called "human directed local autonomy," a term he describes as a "big fancy phrase" that essentially means that the vehicle's operator won't need to have the knowledge or skills of a pilot.

In an interview with CNN Dietrich explans, "They don't need to know those things because the computer is plugged in to a data network that automatically helps them plan the flight path, avoid other air traffic and air space restrictions, things of that nature," says Dietrich. He explains that operators would still have to make high-level, critical decisions, like determining whether it's safe to take off and land or approve the landing zone in advance.

"Anything that happens on the ground, the person is going to make a call," says Dietrich. "Once you're flying, the actual operation of all the flight control surfaces is going to be computer controlled because, frankly, the computer can do it better than a pilot."

It will be interesting to see if the world is ready to commute from point A to point B like the Jetsons.

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