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Harvard Professor Suggest Ancient Text Proves Jesus Had A Wife

Harvard professor Karen L. King introduced her finding in Rome 18 months ago. Her paper is being published Today.

In her Theological Review article, delayed by some 15 months due to pending results of scientific tests, King answers some of the major issues raised by critics.

Catholic priest take a vow of celibacy in honor of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. If Jesus had a wife, this can possibly change the landscape of the catholic church.

King began examining the fragment in 2011 at the request of its owner, who wishes to remain anonymous. the owner told King he acquired them in the 1960s in East Germany. An undated, unsigned photocopied note in German proclaims this may be the only text in which Jesus speaks of having a wife.

The fragment contains just eight partial lines, written in a crude hand, one of which says, “And Jesus said to them, ‘My wife,’ ” The next says, “She will be able to be my disciple.”

The first line, according to King’s translation, says in part: “My mother gave me life.”

The writing is similar in style as the "Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary, and the Gospel of Philip," suggesting it originated during the "second half of the second century," Harvard Magazine reported.

King believes the document may have been copied from a much earlier Greek text, perhaps composed in the second century, and sees it as an important addition to the study of the development of Christianity as it spread through the Mediterranean world.

The text is written with ancient Egyptian ink and is in the Sahidic language, which is also consistent with the region and time period. The researchers suggest the writing could be a transcript of "an earlier Coptic text that was based on a Greek copy" as is much of scripture, Harvard Magazine reported.

“Now when I come back and read the fragment, it seems the major issue being talked about was that Jesus was affirming that wives and mothers can be his disciples,” King said.

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