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LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Stated "Black People are the Enemy" in Racist Rant

Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers is a racist. His girlfriend V. Stiviano tape recorded a conversation where he made racist comments during a heated arguement. V. Stiviano, black and mexican, is proud of her heritage.

The racist remarks by Sterling were released by TMZ.  In the tapes he describes black people as the enemy. Sterling also explains he was bothered by his girlfriend showing pictures with black people on her instagram. and asked her to stop.

Sterling asked his girlfriend not to bring black people to the any of the  basketball games including Magic Johnson.

She admires Magic Johnson, and explained Magic is a pillar within the Black community. Sterling responded by saying,  "I don't care if you sleep with a nigger, just don't bring them to the game."

12 players on the  LA Clipper's roster are Black.  Doc Rivers is a black head coach.  It's ironic that he doesn't want his black girlfriend to associate with black people while watching an predominant black team play basketball.

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