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My REAL Issue With Donald Sterling's Comments

So we all know the story by now, old rich White guy owns a bunch of stuff.  He gets loose with his mouth to his girl on the side.  She records it and it gets “leaked”.  On the recording we find out that he thinks his employees are part of the “stuff” he owns.  He gets banned from his rich guy’s club.  He will get a bunch of money to go away.  And the cycle will inevitably repeat.

Now that we have supplied the condensed notes version of the story, I want to discuss my thoughts on two particular things Donald Sterling let fall out of his mouth.  Amongst the many foolish ideas he spouted on that recording, let’s quickly look at one thing and then I will really dive in to the second.

The second most angry person in this saga should be Magic Johnson.  For no other reason than because of the comment when Donald Sterling said, “don’t bring him to my games”.  So let’s break that statement down.  He told his no job having SIDE PIECE not to bring the OWNER of the LA Dodgers, Starbucks, and SEVERAL other companies, to the basketball game.  If I was Magic Johnson, I would have had some choice words for him that concluded with something like, “THIS CHICK DID NOT BRING ME TO A GAME, MY PLANE DID!!!  CUZ I’M RICH!!! (I cleaned it up for the sake of UPR but you can imagine where certain words can go)  

Now that I got that out of the way, let me get  to the heart of this post.  The statement that Donald Sterling said that bothers me the most (and should bother ALL of us the most) is when he stated, “I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them?  Does someone else give it to them?”

I cannot lie, when I reflected on this statement I got angry to the point of tears.  Not because in his mind he was rewarding them like a slave master used to, but because the very essence of this statement removes all of the hard work and countless days and nights that these men put in to their craft to reach the highest level of their profession.  By him stating that he feeds them, all of the knee surgeries and rehab Blake Griffin has endured and fought through disappeared.  By stating that he supports them, all of the years Doc Rivers has spent studying the game, practicing the game, breaking down game film, fighting through discrimination and criticism, missing part of his children’s lives while he was working to perfect his craft, all vanished in one swoop.  All of the early morning weight lifting sessions and training and battling through injuries Chris Paul went through to take the Clippers from a laughing stock to “LOB CITY” was gone.

Don't get me wrong, I’m not asking you to feel sorry for millionaire basketball players. I’m asking you to think on how you would feel if your boss said the same thing about you.  All of the years you put in to school, studying and giving up parties and relationships, missing the family outings so that you can make it to where you are, all to be told it meant nothing because “Massa” gives you his table scraps and you should be happy about it.  That wouldn’t anger you in the least bit?  The dehumanization of a person is bad enough, but to then discredit their contributions and hard work is even worse.  He pretty much  stated that he was God to them.  (I will supply ALL of their needs according to MY riches…) 

Sting now?  It should.

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