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Trey Songz Tweeted He is "Gay"...Does it Matter?

Trey Songz announced on twitter that he is gay.

Although, only being posted a few hours ago, it managed to reach 57k Retweets and almost 53k Favorites before being deleted. To 7.2 Million followers on the site, it’s not much of a secret anymore.

Trey Songz and August Alsina recently performed together in NYC during 2 Chainz’ tour. Alsina explained Trey was acting like a diva and he did not enjoy his experience working with Trey Songz. They no longer have a working relationship.

Pictures have surfaced of Trey kissing a male companion, however, no one can confirm if it was really Trey Songz. Maybe someone hacked into his twitter account and played a cruel joke.

There are no official statements from Trey's camp about the tweet.

An explanation for his women fans that support him is expected within a reasonable time frame.

Despite his sexual orientation, Trey Songz is a talented artist and The UPR is supportive of his career.

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