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Uncensored Video Footage of 2 Sisters Beaten and Stripped Naked: Discretion Advised

The uncensored video is a graphic display of 2 women being assaulted and stripped naked. This heinous act took place in Winton Terrace Housing Projects located in Cincinnati Ohio.

The sisters were spending the night at the apartment of Kianna McMeans, one of the suspects arrested by Cincinnati Police for aggravated robbery, after going to a club Saturday night.
McMeans invited the attackers into her apartment the Sunday morning because she had been assaulted at the club and the sisters did not help her fight the victims alleged attackers. 
The footage was shared on Facebook and one of the victims saw it every time she checked her news feed, she said. The victim stated, it reminded her of laying on the ground getting her head kicked and punched.
The video shows the victims on the ground and being "basically humiliated out there and beat to a pulp," Detective Tracy Jones told WLWT-TV.
"I thought I was going to die right there on the ground," the oldest victim said.
                                 Kianna McMeans, 25
Jakeda Phillips, 25

.Police were able to identify another suspect, Jakeda Phillips, 25, because she looked directly at the camera during the attack, and issued a warrant for her arrest.

Video shows attackers kicking, punching and stomping on the head of one of the sisters assaulted in Cincinnati on Sunday. You can watch the uncensored video here: 2 Women Beaten and Stripped Naked

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  1. this is an example of what happens when women are not taught how to be a woman. it doesn't matter that you grew up in the projects. i know lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc that grew up in the projects. this is beyond crazy..i'm glad they filmed it. cuz now they are locked up for it.

  2. Why wont they take this down..somebody please! This is what MLK Jr marched for??? Sad black women